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PPS Polyvalent Patent Services Ltd.
(PPS Polyvalent Patent Service AG)
(PPS Polyvalent Patent Services SA)

Luzernerstrasse 15

CH-6403 Kuessnacht am Rigi / Schwyz

is a corporation registered in the Commercial Register of Canton Schwyz / Switzerland

Our Patent Attorneys work according to the code of Professional Conduct of the Institute of Professional Representatives  (www.patentepi.com) of the European Patent Office

The content of this website represents the specific doctrine of PPS Polyvalent Patent Services Ltd. and may divert from the doctrine of third parties. All information presented are only examples, not to be applied without further considerations to real cases.

Responsible for the contents of this website is:

Dr. Hana Frauenknecht
e-mail:   postmaster@pps.ch
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